Sins Of A Mother by Joshua Blocker

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To begin with, get prepared to sit on the couch, drink hot coffee, and listen to your country music on scratchy records while confronting few pretty heavy issues. The story is about “Tarrylyn Brown” and her life’s roller coaster ride. Be forewarned that this is not the happiest novel you will ever read. “Sins Of A Mother” is filled with abuse, violence, and heartbreak.

This novel is in its brilliant cast of characters – Joshua, the book’s writer, is so likeable that you can’t help but admire his determination to create a masterpiece. Good literature gives you new insight. It makes you relate to it in ways you didn’t expect.

This is a heartfelt book full of abuse and love. I like the way Joshua can reach out to the reader and vividly tell them how his protagonist and other characters felt in the book. You can picture yourself in their shoes (Mostly). This accounts keeps you hooked and tied from page one until the end. You won’t want to put it down! After reading the book you will be looking at the library for another one of Joshua’s work.

At the end I would like to mention, that due to the maturity and sensitivity of this book, the appropriate age range would be in the young adults and up. If you like page turning novels that get you thinking than the great inspiring book, “Sins of a Mother” is for you.

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One thought on “Sins Of A Mother by Joshua Blocker”

  1. So heartbreaking I’ve been noticing alot of books like this but I’m so happy people are speaking up this is the only way to break generational curses.


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